Mozambique Canada Maternal Health Project Featured in Global Health Forum

Community Health and Epidemiology U of S is celebrating its 60th anniversary. One of the major panels during its anniversary program on Oct. 25 was a discussion on Global Health. The discussants as shown in the photo above were (from the right) Bruce Reeder, “The challenge of partnerships for Médecins Sans Frontières,” Keynote Speaker Claire Roberts Lamont, “With Refugees – partnerships for a purpose,” Lori Hanson the panel moderator and Nazeem Muhajarine, “ Mozambique – U of Saskatchewan Partnership: Two decades of solidarity and success!”

Nazeem Muhajarine spoke about the roots of the partnership between Mozambique and Canada and how it was built by trust and commitment on both sides. He discussed how mutual learning emerges when creating partnerships and how this has worked between communities and health institutions in both Mozambique and Canada. The basis of solidarity was formed early in this partnership and has been maintained through on the ground linkages and recognition of the struggles that Mozambique has gone through and continues to face, working side by side over the years with Mozambican communities.

At the far right in the slide photo above is Ruta Massunguine, Community Coordinator in the current Mozambique Canada Maternal Health Project. She is describing the use of better latrines for improved sanitation and, along with that, how to make micro-projects with women in communities that create an economic base of empowerment.

The two decades of this relationship between the U of S and partners in Mozambique have shown the fruits of long-term commitment, enabling a depth of awareness, analysis, and working together that has contributed greatly to the present phase of the work for good maternal/child health that, most importantly, strengthens the basis for women’s and girls’ empowerment.