Rachel Gough Making Links in Mozambique

Twelve years ago Rachel Gough was a Making the Links medical student in Mozambique. This was in the beginning stages of the Making the Links exchanges that gave heath science students a chance to work in communities in northern Saskatchewan, west side neighborhoods in Saskatoon, and Mozambique.

This exposure to upstream economic and social determinants of health was designed to open up a wider spectrum of thought and practice. And,  a hope that students through these experiences would have a better sense of how they would grow their career in serving communities.

These many years later, Rachel – now a practicing doctor in sexual and reproductive health in St John’s Newfoundland – was back to share her knowledge with health workers in the Inhambane province of Mozambique, as part of the Mozambique-Canada Maternal Health Project.  She talked about the reciprocal learning that she could apply when back in Canada in working for safe and accessible abortions.

Ruta and Rachel planning sessions on reproductive rights