In March, the Mozambique Building Fund (MBF), a Canadian charity, launched a fund-raising campaign to help alleviate the suffering caused by Cyclone Freddy, which hit Inhambane province in February. Cyclone Freddy has been described as the longest-lasting and most energetic tropical cyclone on record, hitting Mozambique twice. The MBF has made a commitment to provide support for seeds, housing and community infrastructure.

The Canadian union CUPE is the most recent donor providing $15,000 (CAD) in June! Thank you to CUPE!  Many Canadian individuals have also donated, as has the Steelworkers Humanities Fund (see April blog).

Seeds for resowing devastated crops

So far, funds have been used to buy seeds for community members in the area to resow their crops and stave off the hunger that would otherwise be inevitable.

Roofing materials for destroyed homes

Roofing materials have also been distributed to help repair homes devastated by the winds and rain.

Community of Machacula receives roofing materials
Vânia’s story

Vânia is a 24 year-old mother of two children, one of school age and the other still small, from the community of Macachula in Massinga district. Her home was destroyed by Cyclone Freddy and her crops were devastated. For food, she and her family had to go to neighbors or communities whose homes had not suffered and who had money or products to support in order to have something to eat. “It was a difficult moment in our lives,” she said.

“We appreciate the support!”

 “You cannot imagine the great satisfaction of this community,” said Vânia, upon hearing of the Canadian support. “We are currently working the land so that as soon as the rains fall, we can sow what we have through the activities that we will do over time for those who can help with seeds, cassava cuttings and other products.” She added, “We also really appreciate this help with housing.  Here (in the photo) is my house rehabilitated and covered with the metal sheets I received.”

“Many who have benefited from the roofing material are already cutting reeds to rebuild their homes in improved and safer conditions. But at the moment they are at least protected from the rain because they have a roof with the sheets they received and their possessions are protected from the rain.”

Our project, also, is grateful to these Canadian organizations and individuals, who are helping Mozambican community members rebuild their lives and livelihoods.