Mozambique Blog Post – Written by 2019 MTL Students

Making the Links team with the Mozambique Canada Maternal Health Project team in Inhambane City, Mozambique.

Groggy from our 42-day adventure (approximately six “Mozam-weeks”), we said our farewells at O.R. Tambo International Airport, each of us departing on separate flights home. Although the dark rings under our eyes spoke volumes of our early mornings and occasional sleep deprivation, we leave this continent with a mind brimming with unforgettable memories, a heart grateful for friendships new and old, and a stomach full of cassava in all its variations. There were no regrets in selecting Mozambique as our MTL international placement.

A few days have passed, and we find ourselves in the comfort of our own beds. During this brief reprieve before classes, we’ve had the opportunity to reflect and reminisce on our time in the provinces of Nampula and Inhambane. It is difficult to say what we miss the most. Perhaps it is the jovial dancing and singing that awaited us at every community, or the laughter we shared as we attempted to wear capulanas with the same grace and familiarity as the locals. Or perhaps it’s walking on the pristine beaches, hearing the sand squeak beneath our feet in time with the rhythmic crashing of the warm waves on the waterfront. Perhaps even, it was witnessing the resilience of healthcare practitioners and patients amidst the frustration over limited resources and the innovative ideas to address complex problems. Or the warmth and hospitality of those we met. Honestly, it would be fair to say that we miss all of that and more.

Our summer in Mozambique pushed us out of our comfort zone. However, the consequence of being pressured to one’s threshold is invaluable growth not only as a future clinician, but as an individual. With utmost confidence, some of us will one day return to this beautiful country and its beautiful people. But until then, até a próxima vez!

 MTL Students 2019

Making the Links students and Blog writers – left to right – Ben Abelseth, McKayla Cozart, Kristina Sawatsky, Savio Nguyen.