A major strategy of the Mozambique Canada Maternal Health Project is to address the social and economic determinants of health.  A key part of doing this is through the village health committees (Comites de Saude) to organize microprojects that empower women, create better health and well being, and promote economic self sufficiency in the community.

Microprojects are being identified and initiated by community health committees in the 20 communities that the Project works with in Inhambane Province. The activities for the microproject work include grinding mills (moajeiras) for processing corn into flour, better latrines (Latrinas Melhoradas), and village chicken and egg production.

The first training sessions have now occurred for the microproject development in the communities of  Chocolane and Bie. This training focused on the grinding mill (moajeira), which is the microproject the communities wish to initiate. The training worked on the technical aspects of running a grinding mill, how to do accounting procedures, how to divide the work and responsibilities, and how to address issues of gender and key leadership roles for women.