Dr. Lidia Monjane, Mozambique Project Director

A special reception took place on June 8th, 2018 at the University of Saskatchewan to welcome the Mozambique Delegation Drs Lidia Monjane and Antonio Tanda, and to introduce the new Canadian Project Director Jessie Forsyth. The reception was hosted by Principal Investigator Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine. The event was also an opportunity to acknowledge the work of outgoing Canada Project Director Denise Kouri and Development Officer Don Kossick.


Dr. Antonio Tanda, Strategic Advisor


Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine, Project Principal Investigator,  U of S



Dr Lidia Monjane greets Le Li,  International Office, U of S. Looking on is Joanne Blythe, Project Administrator.


Denise Kouri, former Canada Project Director, Jessie Forsythe, present Canada Project Director, U of S Professor Priscilla Settee.

Antonio Tanda speaking with Lise Kossick-Kouri, Community Health and Epidemiology, U of S.