The Mozambique-Canada Maternal Health Project is hosting a visit from Dr. Lídia Monjane, National Director of the Project in Mozambique and Dr. António Tanda, Strategic Adviser to the project in Mozambique.  Drs. Monjane and Tanda will be working with the project team in Saskatoon and meeting university and community members to consolidate plans for the project’s 2nd year.

From Left to Right – Nazeem Muhajarine, António Tanda, Lídia Monjane, Jesse Forsythe, Denise Kouri, Joanne Blythe.

Dr. Lídia Monjane said, “ this is an important engagement to ensure both sides are planning together to advance our common goals and objective of lowering maternal mortality in Mozambique, and a  key part of what we will share is the impact of gender relationships on women’s equity and empowerment.”

“This is a renewal of an international friendship where we are visible to each other and discuss our work on both sides”, said António Tanda.

Dr. Jesse Forsythe, recently appointed Canadian Project Director said, “ especially given the size and scope this project, it is critical to have these face -to- face encounters, and mutual sharing of experiences”.

The University of Saskatchewan has been a long time partner to community health and development in Mozambique pointed out Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine, Project Principal Investigator. He said, “ partnerships of this type yield important benefits for the health, welfare, and safety  of mothers and children.”

António and Lídia arriving in Saskatoon.

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