The people of Massinga in southern Mozambique lost a great community leader when Sr. Lourenço Majoote passed away in December.

I remember meeting him 16 years ago in the village of Tevele.

I felt immediately welcomed by his big smile. His enthusiasm to better the life of his people showed at that meeting, and at all others since.

Sr. Lourenço assumed a strong leadership role, as we all worked together, Mozambicans and Canadians, in strengthening community health and development. His efforts were part of making Tevele an example for other communities to follow.

We worked on many initiatives together, including community education and mobilization, mosquito net promotion and distribution, promotion and production of “latrinas melhoradas” (better latrines), building a community development centre, and building a village chicken production unit. All these activities received the strong continuing participation and support of Sr. Majoote. Without his support and enthusiasm, some members of the community would not have had the confidence to continue.

Sr. Majoote was the spark that is a key part of community development – those that “get” what is to be done and the carry through, motivating others.

Thank you – obrigado, khanimambo Sr. Majoote!

Don Kossick, Development Officer