The Community Development/CED workshop in Inhambane City, Mozambique looked at micro projects that would build healthier communities and support the involvement of women. The communities went through a planning process in which they looked at key steps of forming a small commercial operation that would make their community healthier. There were key steps followed such as:

  • Defining the initiative – does it contribute to the health of the community – will women play a major role;
  • Is there a market/demand for what they would produce;
  • Can they access the raw materials to make the product;
  • How many people would be needed in the production process and training required;
  • What kind of support/contribution would be required to get the initiative off the ground?
  • Will there be a proper system of control of accounting and control over materials coming in and products going out – will there be a good managing structure .

View the video below for discussion from the team: